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- Hi, and welcome to SEO News. Today I'm bringing you the best SEO News from this week and some questions from the YouTube channel on the comments in the channel called SEO News. No matter if you are listening to this as a podcast or if you're listening to this or watching this on YouTube, please consider to subscribe. Thank you. Let's get on with this week's news in SEO. So the latest news is that this week John Mueller actually confirmed that an anchor link was a ranking signal, an official ranking signal. He then goes on to explain that longer links will actually provide more context for Google to understand what the page is about. So, for me who has been working in SEO for more than 10 years, this is nothing new. But it's finally nice to get it confirmed that this is actually still a ranking signal. And it's quite funny that this has been confirmed just this week or maybe last week because now which is the big news from this week. We are seeing that Google is doing a broad core or just called a core update. It's called the December 2020 Core Update and it's rolling Now. I made a video about it at December 1st. SEO round table had caught that some thing was changing in the forums and people were talking about big swings going up and going down and what's happening online. I posted it in some forums as well and I heard from other people that they were seeing big fluctuation in rankings. And now we are seeing just today that Google confirmed there's actually a broad core or just called the core update rolling out right now. So, we don't actually get to know anything about these core updates when they are getting released but they are referring to a document they released back in 2019 about these core updates. And this is not actually anything new. But they are saying they are just releasing and updating the Google search engine to be better according to their Google Quality Rater guidelines. So they want more expertise, authoritativeness and trust to rank better in Google and better content and better results for the user. That is Google's mission here in life. But some of these core updates has been devastating for some businesses. And just last May, 2020, there was an actual core update. And I know, a lot of people lost a lot of rankings in this core update. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you yet about what's going to happen because this core update is happening right now. You will have to subscribe to my channel or subscribe to my podcast and hear the next episode, watch the next video to see what I found out during the next week. What has been the big signals? And the funny thing is that every time Google does these things, these core updates, they're saying they want quality to rank better and they want expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness. And every time I see these updates there is so much more emphasis on link Building. People with the best links are ranking better and better. And those who are doing a part of a community or was a part of a community who are doing SEO with a content first approach, They're doing no link building. And some of those members got hit very hard in the Google core update in May. So let's see if Google are reverting some things and they are actually rewarding content over links again or if they are tightening the knot and rewarding links even more as they are usually doing. So, as I said before, please consider subscribing because I will follow up with a video about how and what is happening in this core update. And now for this next section, I will go on to questions and answers. Questions from the YouTube community from the YouTube channel called SEO News. So I'll read some of these questions and then I'll answer them here. So, "Dear SEO news, recently I've faced something very unusual. I uploaded an article on my website then the next day in the morning when I put the title tech, with the website brand named it was appearing in search results. I was shocked to see that it only took 12 to 14 hours to get indexed. Then in the evening, I checked again title plus brand name and it was nowhere on the internet, I was shocked and then after a few hours, I checked again. And at this time I found it again. I didn't understand this behavior. Can you give any opinion on this?" And there's actually a good reason, as far as I know Google, when you visit Google and when you crawl something on Google... Well, let's just get back. When you visit Google, then also as a web engineer I know that Google don't just have one server. And sometimes the first server can show your results after only one hour, maybe a half an hour depending on how big your website is and how much crawl budget you have from Google. But depending on which server you land on when you search on Google, the result might not appear yet. Of course, this 12 to 14 hours is not something for you. If you have a brand new website it will take you much longer to get indexed the first time. this is something that actually is nice to know because when you're doing websites right now if you're making websites, you cannot manually request to get indexed inside the Google search console as you have been able to do in a very long time. And as I have made a video about in some of my short videos, that Google is telling us that they might not bring back that feature. And they want us to tell them why they should bring it back. Rumor said they removed the feature because they didn't want anyone to get fast results to try to manipulate the election that has just been happening in the US. So we don't know if will ever be able to manually index pages again. So it's nice to know how fast it will take to index a page. There isn't, unfortunately, no exact number. If you have a big site, it will take hours. And if you have a small site, it could take actually months. But the question here is why is sometimes my content indexed, then it's gone, then it's indexed again. It's actually just because you are being rolled out into all the servers on Google. That means that... It just means that when you visit something, if the second time he visited, he visited a server where he wasn't indexed yet. And Google wasn't finished like rolling out all the updates. This also is a thing , if you have a rank tracker or something, tracking all your rankings in Google and if you see one day, you are on number four and next day you're number three and next day on number four again, this might fluctuate a bit until it stabilizes and not all the service on Google has the same number. And also sometimes when you visit Google you will have a different number than when the rank tracker is visiting Google. So it's because it's depending on which server you are visiting on Google and also depending on some local and if you're locked into Google or not. So the next question is... I made a video about how to manipulate domain rating. If you want to see more about this one please go to my channel SEO News. I made this video because each rev said that they have removed all the domain rating manipulation and it was not as easy to manipulate anymore. So I made a video about how to manipulate domain ratings still. And then I got a question. "How about domain ratings and sub domains example, bloggers delight or blog spot for you who are watching or listening. Every blog has its own sub domain. or its own sub domain of the main blog but it has the same high domain rating. Will Google evaluate that domain as the same way as the main domain?" And I am saying just clear out, no, every sub domain, bloggers delight or blog spot, or, yeah I think it's called blog spot is not the same as a Google. And there is a lot of these website builders. I think brick site is something as well. Then you can make a website on brick site and get this get a sub domain on brick site, or at least you can on Blog spot. And it will consider that you have the same domain rank but you don't have the same page rank inside Google. That's obvious because otherwise everyone would just create these DR 80-90 plus sites instead of creating new domain. So that's, yeah, that's obvious. That's not the way it is. And then the last question is from my old community, I ran in Danish and I'm going to translate this question for you. It's about a guy called Samuel. He has a website where he is ranking number eight on a keyword and in front of him, He is fighting against DR 70, DR 65 DR 57, and then DR 32, DR 26, DR 70 and DR 55. Just mentioned in the random order. And he is telling me that many of these pages don't have any text at all, and all of them are ranking better than my domain.It's at DR 37. And this guy Samuel has DR Higher than two of these on the list. And he is number eight. My solution to him... he asked, "do I just to have to invest massively in link building or is something wrong with my text title tag or a meta description?" And my solution to him was to consider doing topic clusters around his main keywords. Do some very long tail or super long tail content around that keyword also called support content. This content is much easier to rank and you will use this content to make internal link building to that main page, to the money page. And also make sure to go in... I actually, I think I recommended him some software called side build within that software. There's a free version of that. You can put in your domain name and you can see what's your internal ranking, internal page rank of this page you're trying to rank. So is this page getting any internal linked use at all? And the solution was to make a... The solution was to make, focus on internal link building and these topic clusters which also supports the page, with internal link building. And he just wrote back that after a couple of weeks or days I think he jumped up from position number eight to position number four by applying these tactics. Thank you for watching this episode of SEO News. Consider maybe leaving a comment in the YouTube session of this channel, because I would like more questions to feature in these videos. Thank you for listening and subscribe. Please subscribe wherever you are or please just like if you don't have anything to ask Please consider liking so I can get more attraction inside Google. Thank you all for being here.

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