SECRETS Revealed From The Google Core Update December 2020

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- It is no secret that the SEO world is inflamed. The Google core update is rolling out, it seems like it's more crazier than the May core update and to bring you some of the news, some of the insights and some of the secrets from this December core updates, I asked two experts, but before I show you the interviews with these two experts, I'll go on to summarize some of the things I saw in the SU communities myself gathered screenshots from Twitter and from Facebook groups, et cetera and from other experts. So it seems like, there is a lot of people complaining that they dropped from number one and page one to not even being on Google and it seems like somebody, especially in health, maybe there's some correlation in health and in E-A-T, somebody is really dropping. I've actually personally seen a big boost, both in my company page and my page from my old consultancy. I wrote a book about SEO in Danish, so this might help me if this is actually a E-A-T update that this might actually be the case very from SE round table said that this is the best update for SE Roundtable that ever was, and I've seen some people also saying that they gained a lot of traction, but it seems like there's generally negative comments about this update, but also remember that people who are hurt really it's the people who have complained the boast, so if somebody just gained some traction, they might even not know that there was a Google core update. It is when you see the big drop in your rankings, you start googling is there a new update? I might tell you yes there is, and it was a very volatile update, some say it maybe was a more volatile update and it changed more than the May core update. Before I show you the two videos I got from the two experts on this topic, then please consider to subscribe to my channel SEO News or to the podcast, SEO News on your favorite podcast app.

- Hey there everyone, my name is Lily Ray and I'm the director of SEO at path interactive, so I'm here to talk to you a little bit about what I'm seeing with the December, 2020 core update on Google. So yesterday I finished writing a blog post in which I analyzed just over a thousand domains to see what their visibility flakes this week compared to last week when the update was originally rolled out. so basically what I'm seeing is a lot of the big sites that have seen big visibility increases this year in part due to the pandemic, so sites like the CDC and the New York times, even Pinterest which has seen a really big increase this year. A lot of those big players are actually seeing declines as a result of this update, which I thought was really interesting, not exactly sure what the reason that is but my suspicion is maybe that Google saw that they were seeing such huge increases in visibility and maybe adjusted things in a way where smaller players and businesses other than Amazon are maybe able to rank a little bit better now than they were a couple of weeks ago, something like that. It's also interesting to note that a lot of sites in the medical and financial, YMYL your money, your life categories are seeing some increases as a result of this update as well, some of those sites have seen declines over the past couple of years, so namely like there are very well held sites that talks a lot about medical topics that, seen some volatility in the past couple of years they've seen a big increase this week. So it's interesting because if you look at what these sites are doing, they're really investing a lot of resources into improving E-A-T expertise authority and trust. If you're like me and you focus on E-A-T as part of your SEO strategy, it's a good sign of things to come. I think that Google might be rolling some of our efforts, so we'll keep an eye on it and see what else happens over the next couple of weeks. Best of luck to you and your SEO strategy, bye.

- It's the 8th of December, 2020, a few days after the start of the December core update from Google, and I wanted to give you a couple of data points from Sistrix as we've seen them, as we've been analyzing over the last few days, there's a blog post at, which is being updated. But here are four points before I mentioned them, don't forget we're measuring visibility and metric measuring actual visibility in the SERPs for each domain, we're not measuring traffic as a result of positioning in SERPs, we're just measuring the search from Google, so this is very pure data here. Point number one, as Google announced in the search quality raters guidelines that dictionaries would be looked at, we've seen losses at at least three major dictionaries and also related probable gains or backfill from other dictionaries as well, so the losses are more than the gains but those dictionaries as referenced sites, encyclopedia sites have been affected. Point number two is Amazon and when I speak for the UK data, we're seeing huge huge losses from Amazon, they're not only in terms of percentage, 17% up to today, and both ranking in the UK search results, but it's the actual absolute value is 400 to 500 visibility points as it rolls out, we'll probably see a total of over 500 visibility points being lost, that is huge, that is 10 times bigger than some big high street brands. Amazon was a dominant force in the let's say the Google high street as it were but losing that amount of visibility is absolutely massive and that will impact impact a lot of other domains as they have relationships to Google, sorry to Amazon, as they have positions in the same search as Amazon, Amazon may drop out, there may be a lot of backfill there, so that shaken up a lot of the SERPs, this is maybe why we're seeing a huge valleys on a Google Update Radar for this Google core update. Points number three is UK retail in general, there hasn't been a specific change there that we can see although some of the biggest absolute gains are on bricks and mortar stores, so we've seen, next for example, and in the losses the top 10 absolute losses there are more pure play internet retailers than anything else. It's difficult to actually pull any hidden conclusions from that. Point number four is just the general breadth of the changes and probably a result of Amazon being such a wide range of keywords that has affected a wide range of websites, but we're also seeing the classic, the lyric websites, which always tend to move around the gift websites always tend to move around in these core updates. There are football, there are entertainment stuff. And one final point social media sites seem to have gained everyone but Pinterest has gained here including YouTube, and we don't know why that is but what's happened in the past is that some SERPs have moved to more social focus. That means when it comes to a famous person's name, their content is being shown in the SERPs, that kind of makes sense as opposed to third party content, but their own content, TikToK, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, all those are being shown, so that might be something that's continuing to happen at social media. People take ownership of their own SERPs in terms of famous people and that sort of stuff. No major conclusions on that, but in terms of data, there's big changes up to now, my name's Steve Paine chippy on Twitter, Sorry about that, @CHIPPY on Twitter for more information. So thanks for watching and stay tuned for more.

- So to summarize what we just saw in these two experts statements, it seems that Amazon really dragged some rankings and that could benefit small sites but I right now I'm editing this video and what I'm seeing in the community, people are starting to rage. Now, it's not only a specific niche that's been hit, I see people in the pets, in the outdoors and in every niche being hit. And remember you are not actually hit by this algorithm although we talk like we have been hit by an algorithm, because the way Google say it at least is that it's not because somebody did something wrong, it's because they're now in their new way of thinking considered that somebody is just better than you, I know this sounds hard to hear but it's sometimes it's actually true and as what Lily was talking about, it's maybe because of E-A-T or because the results are actually better. And from the belly of the incident, I actually also hear that customers might tend not to choose Amazon to shop at and this might actually be hurting Amazon in the organic rankings. I know Amazon is very big and everybody loves Amazon but it seems like maybe, maybe some customers just want a more experts place to shop for their products. I have some tip for today because I had a question in my email inbox from a guy who wanted to rank his business, he's doing entertainment for parties and more specifically he's actually doing bagpipe music, and he wanted to rank for the word "bag pibe" and bagpipe music and I told him, no, this is the wrong search intent for your business and instead I told him that you might actually gain much more to try to rank on super long to keyboard for people who are actually searching for entertainment for a party, so one of the keywords we came up with was, Alternative Party Entertainment, because let's be honest, bagpipe music is Alternative Party Entertainment and it seems like just by digging through Google search console as I always recommend is the first place you go looking for new keywords, he who would already find some cool keywords for what people are actually searching for to find his content. This is a lesson on search intent, if you're trying to rank for bag pibe and you're actually an artist trying to sell your entertainment service as a bag pibe musician, then you are doing something wrong because people who are googling and searching for bagpipe are most likely to want information about the bagpipe or wanting to maybe buy a bagpipe or want, just want general knowledge about what bagpipe is. Thank you for watching consider subscribing and I'll see you in the next video.

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