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Guests Experts on My Show

  1. Lily Ray, SEO Director at Path Interactive
  2. Steve Paine, UK Manager at Sistrix
  3. Kevin Indig, Director of SEO at Shopify:
  4. Nathan Gotch, Founder of Gotch SEO:
  5. Cass Downton, Senior Analyst at Marie Haynes Consulting:
  6. Morten Storgaard, Founder of Passive Income Geek:
  7. Paul Shapiro, Global Director of Technical SEO at CondeNast:
  8. Courtney Harrington, Head of Marketing at WooRank:
  9. Christopher Hofman, Lead SEO Consultant at Impact Extend:
  10. Kristina Azarenko, Founder of Marketing Syrup:
  11. Karsten Madsen, Founder of Morningscore:
  12. Jono Alderson, Digital Strategist at Yoast: Jono Alderson
  13. Casie Gillette, Senior Director of Marketing at KoMarketing:
  14. Adam Gent, Founder of Gent of Search:
  15. Michelle Lowery, Editorial SEO Specialists and Author:
  16. Simon Cox, Technical SEO Consultant at Cox and Co Creative:
  17. Marie Haynes, Founder of Marie Haynes Consulting:
  18. Jason M. Barnard, Founder of Kalicube:
  19. Miles Beckler, Founder and Influencer: